The Agony of Choices

helpAs everyone is well aware, the Chaos codex came out this past Saturday. As excited as I was for it, and am to have it, it creates a problem for me. Next month is my FLGS’ large annual 40K tournament. Last year I couldn’t play Chaos because I was far from having the army completed in terms of painting. This year I can do it but I need to nail down a list ASAP so I can get the needed models painted for it.

Sounds easy enough but the problem is this. My Chaos army is lacking for choices as I held off on building it up much knowing the codex was in the pipeline for a while. Add in the fact that I have to alter how I play now with the codex, not a complaint but change takes time I have precious little of, and a list is harder than I’d like. I’d love to go grab some of the new units but there’s no time to assemble huge models like the Fiends and get them painted on top of my current painting queue. I have to work with what I have that’s painted or can be painted quickly.

My first list idea uses Daemon allies. I won’t bother running down the lists themselves. With Daemons it adds a manageable amount of painting I need to get done, specifically 10 Bloodletters, and that’s it from them. The problem though is adding Daemons to my Chaos list forces me into a short ranged army with little beyond a few units to take on vehicles with shooting. I can assault the hell out of vehicles if I can get there but we all know that’s not a reliable plan. Despite the inherent weakness of adding in Daemons with what I own it’s the choice I’m leaning towards as it’s all Chaos and by nature themed.

The other option I’m considering is allying in Orks. Anything I pull from my Ork army is painted and so I can focus on just my Chaos army in preparation for next month. I love Orks but set them aside a while ago on account of having a tough time getting anywhere with them. As an allied detachment though I’m willing to try it and it makes the most sense in a time constraint. It’s also not an unfluffy option and though not themed in the same way Daemons would be, it’s very workable.

There’s my dilemma and the more I spend debating it the less time I have getting stuff done. Help!

  • JustHippie

    Orks could work well since they are “convenient” (pun intended). They certainly won’t get you any shooting you’re after though. Since you’re spending all kinds of points on Plague Marines they would get you some cheap scoring units and meat shields. I’d try to get your Big Gunz in the list and maybe they can sit on a Quad gun/ADL.

    • Well, considering (points permitting), putting down Lootas for some cheap long ranged fire power. Artillery as well if I can swing it.

  • TheRhino

    I’d start with your Chaos “core.” The units you’re absolutely sure you’ll be using. Scribble that down, do up the points value, and see where your holes are.
    Then, add any incomplete Chaos units you’d LIKE to have in the list, do up the points values, and then assess whether you can complete those models in time. Scale back as needed, and then reassess your holes.
    Fill points and gaps with Orks.

    • That’s been the plan but was tossing up filling the holes with Orks or Daemons. That being said, Orks actually fill gaps better than Daemons. Daemons are great for filling points though.

  • I agree with TheRhino and JustHippie, the orks are a good way to go for you. you have so many well-painted options that you can really cut down your to-do list and still field something competitive. Your lootas and kannons would give you some nice ranged fire for cheap. Combine these with the oblits and havocs and you’ve got solid fire support for a couple of ork blobs and plague marine squads to move up the field.

    • Basically my thought. Time to put thought to list and see what I can do.

  • warhammer39999

    I’ve of the opposite opinion as the others. Going with Demons helps inspire you to paint/expand an existing army, and is far more thematic and stylish than going with Orks.
    I guess it depends on what your goals are. If you want to win the tourney, Orks might be a better choice, figuring they might make your army more competitive and help you smash face to win battle points. Demons, on the other hand, might win you some extra style/composition points, and might give you a little credit towards sportsmanship or appearance. Battlepoints are probably worth more towards winning in the end.
    The question is what your goal is. Do you want to win the tourney? Or just have fun and show progress in painting/modeling?

    • I’m always looking to win but it’s not my driving motivation either. I’d rather put down the full on Chaos theme than ally in Orks. Nothing against my Orks but it’s not the same fit as Daemons.

      Likely what it’s going to come down to is time. I have a list with Orks and one with Daemons and the goal is to get the Daemon ally list ready but if all else fails then Orks it is so that I have 100% painted army.

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