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Chaos Rhinos Painting Showcase

I painted these Rhinos 6+ years ago, but at the time I didn’t have a good setup for pictures so I never took any. This past fall I did a little updating on them with some sponge weathering, and adding snow to the Rhinos to tie them into everything else in my army. So, for the sake of completeness (getting pictures of my entire army), here they are.

Chaos Rhino #1

Chaos Rhino #2


Despite having painted these a very long time ago (6+ years is like 5 decades in painting years) I still really like them.

The small updates I did to them helped push the Rhinos forward a bit in appearance, and they fit in well with everything else I’ve done in recent years.

My only real gripe with them is the OSL I had done at the time. However, I’m generally not one to repaint entire models, so I’ve left it to show how far I’ve come since then.

I’ll be adding more shots in the coming weeks of other units like this that I never got pictures of. Stay tuned!

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