Blood Bowl Ogre Painting Showcase

For those following along, this is the Ogre I had reviewed from Hungry Troll Miniatures, and also have been doing a painting tutorial on. You’re all probably getting sick of seeing this model, but the showcase is finally here!

Blood Bowl Ogre (Fluffy)


I can’t say enough how much I really love this model. It’s so well sculpted and detailed that the thing pretty much painted itself. So, needless to say I’m really happy with the painting on the Ogre.

I really haven’t got much more to say. I’ve sort of talked myself out on this model between the review and the painting tutorial!

I do wish this model played on the field as well as it looks. I’ve played around 8 games with the Ogre and he’s only caused one casualty. I jokingly, though I’m sticking with it, started calling him Fluffy. I figured off the field he likes playing with fluffy little kittens. Maybe that’s why he’s so bad on the field? He’s so gentle with little kitties that he can’t seem to hurt anyone…

Also, the entire team is now completed if you’d like to see fully painted Human team.

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Blood Bowl Ogre Painting Showcase
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