Humans vs Skaven

Titan Bay Thunderhawks (Humans) vs Skaven – Blood Bowl League

We’ve started the Blood Bowl league at my FLGS, and I got in my first game on Wednesday night for it. The plan is a short league, only 4 games, but we’re giving until March 1st to complete them. We figure once the first season is done, we can evaluate from there what to do different next season.

I redid my starting roster for my team too after some feedback from the first one.

Titan Bay Thunderhawks

Blitzer x 4
Linemen x 5
Re-rolls x 3
Fan Factor x 3

A pretty basic starting roster. I may snag a Catcher at some point just for the option, but we’ll see how the short season goes in terms of treasury.

The Game

I really didn’t get any shots. My team isn’t 100% painted yet, and Nick’s team is just primer, so not terribly exciting to look at. Though I did get two shots when I thought of it.

Kick Off
Kick off. The fans downed one of his Linemen.

Anyway, the game started out great for me. I kicked off to Nick, and by turn #2 I had taken the ball from him. I surfed his Gutter Runner, picked up the ball, and drove down the field with my Thrower to score on turn #8.

My Ball
The ball was thrown back onto the field, and my Thrower picked it up.

I received the ball in the second half. I was helping Nick out, showing him how he wanted to shut down my drive with a fragile team like Skaven. He did well, kept me bogged down, but the injuries started rolling in for Nick, and he was soon outnumbered. I got my Thrower his second touchdown on turn #7, to give me a 2-0 win.

So, a good game for my team, not so much for Nick. There’s 2 players out for his team in his next game, but no serious injuries. Nick did put my Ogre out for a game too, so I’ll be stuck with a Journeyman next game.


My Thrower leveled up (2 TDs), and I picked up Block for him. He’ll be my ball carrier, so you can’t go wrong getting Block. One of my Blitzers also leveled up (1 casualty + MVP), and I got him Mighty Blow. I like my first Blitzer to start picking up skills to inflict injuries. It’s always nice to have a few players who can help deal with bashy teams like Orcs.

I got $50K for my winnings, and I dumped that into an Apothecary. I hate going too long without one, and since I couldn’t afford another player yet, figured it would be a good purchase.

Anyone else involved in league play? What team you playing?

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Titan Bay Thunderhawks (Humans) vs Skaven – Blood Bowl League
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