Humans vs Skaven

Titan Bay Thunderhawks (Humans) vs Skaven – Blood Bowl League

We’ve started the Blood Bowl league at my FLGS, and I got in my first game on Wednesday night for it. The plan is a short league, only 4 games, but we’re giving until March 1st to complete them. We figure once the first season is done, we can evaluate from there what to do different next season.

I redid my starting roster for my team too after some feedback from the first one.

Titan Bay Thunderhawks

Blitzer x 4
Linemen x 5
Re-rolls x 3
Fan Factor x 3

A pretty basic starting roster. I may snag a Catcher at some point just for the option, but we’ll see how the short season goes in terms of treasury.

The Game

I really didn’t get any shots. My team isn’t 100% painted yet, and Nick’s team is just primer, so not terribly exciting to look at. Though I did get two shots when I thought of it.

Kick Off
Kick off. The fans downed one of his Linemen.

Anyway, the game started out great for me. I kicked off to Nick, and by turn #2 I had taken the ball from him. I surfed his Gutter Runner, picked up the ball, and drove down the field with my Thrower to score on turn #8.

My Ball
The ball was thrown back onto the field, and my Thrower picked it up.

I received the ball in the second half. I was helping Nick out, showing him how he wanted to shut down my drive with a fragile team like Skaven. He did well, kept me bogged down, but the injuries started rolling in for Nick, and he was soon outnumbered. I got my Thrower his second touchdown on turn #7, to give me a 2-0 win.

So, a good game for my team, not so much for Nick. There’s 2 players out for his team in his next game, but no serious injuries. Nick did put my Ogre out for a game too, so I’ll be stuck with a Journeyman next game.


My Thrower leveled up (2 TDs), and I picked up Block for him. He’ll be my ball carrier, so you can’t go wrong getting Block. One of my Blitzers also leveled up (1 casualty + MVP), and I got him Mighty Blow. I like my first Blitzer to start picking up skills to inflict injuries. It’s always nice to have a few players who can help deal with bashy teams like Orcs.

I got $50K for my winnings, and I dumped that into an Apothecary. I hate going too long without one, and since I couldn’t afford another player yet, figured it would be a good purchase.

Anyone else involved in league play? What team you playing?

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Is the Orc your Ogre stand in?

Spectre Senence

A food for thought as you advance players. Although Mighty Blow is good remember the objective of the game. Score and stop your opponent from scoring. A blitzer can quickly thrive as your team defender by getting tackle. Not only does it cancel a dodge it also prevents the reroll when leaving the Blitzer’s tackle zone. Those blitzer make life harder on agile teams on the outside zones where only two players are allowed to start. After you get tackle Mighty blow is a great follow up, then strip ball. That gives you knowledge that this blitzer will remove the ball from your opponent about every time he blitzes!


Good job on bringing hone the win. Liked the report and all, nice and short with just the details needed.

Joe Baird

Congrats on the win and hopefully the league builds up well. Now that I’ve built my teams I need to do a test game but it is surprising how quick the turns go.