Human Team Linemen

Showcase: Two Human Linemen for Blood Bowl

I knew I was going to get Blood Bowl when the re-release was announced. Blood Bowl is a really fun game. It also has some of Games Workshop’s best rules ever written.

I figured I’d go with the Human Team because I thought most people at my FLGS who got the box would go with the Orcs. Plus, the Humans are a bit of an underdog, and that always appeals to me.

Human Linemen

Normally I would wait for all of a given position to be finished before posting shots, like all 6 of the Linemen. However, I thought I’d share some stuff since I’ve posted so many WIPs on Twitter .

The team name is Thunderhawks. So, their logo is the Thunderhawk head with wings integrated, if you were wondering what’s on their shoulder.

I’m really happy with how these guys came out. I’m spending a reasonable amount of time on them, and doing them one at a time, as I want each to be unique. I haven’t done any weathering in a long time, since my Orks really, so I’m having a go at it. I want the team to be gritty and damaged, like they are in the middle of a game, not walking into one.

The positions are color coded, so red *grey for Linemen. That way it’s easy to glance at the pitch and see what is what, as otherwise it all kind of looks the same.

* I was corrected on the base coloring thanks to Eriochrome. There’s a color convention from 2nd edition, and red is not for Linemen. I’ve since changed the red to grey, since that’s the Linemen color.

For anyone else interested, here’s the base ring colors:

Blitzer: red
Blocker: green
Thrower: white
Catcher: yellow
Linemen: grey or blank

More to Come

I’m currently working on a Thrower, who may get done today. I’m also working out a starting lineup for the team. The box set only gives 2 of the 4 Blitzers, so I need to get 2 more of those. The Blitzers on eBay are going for around $20 for 2 of them, which is crazy.

I also want to get an Ogre. My plan is to convert one up from WHFB/AoS for the fun of it. Also, there isn’t a new one yet, and I don’t want to get one of the old metal ones. You have to lay models down on the board during a game. Laying down painted metal miniatures will see paint chipping and rubbing pretty quickly.

Update: The entire team is now painted if you’d like to see the complete Human team.

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Showcase: Two Human Linemen for Blood Bowl
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