Painting Showcase: Human Blitzers for Blood Bowl

While participating in Squaduary, I had started work on the last 2 Blitzers that needed painting. I came close to making my pledge for Squaduary, but I missed the mark by a few more hours of work needed. Well, I got in those last few hours and completed them. So, now it’s time to showcase all of my Blitzers.

Human Team Blitzers


All 4 of these guys are pretty damn similar, however, I did try to do something unique on each one, even if it was subtle. These snap-fit models aren’t the easiest thing in the world to modify. People may dump on Games Workshop’s prices for their 40K kits, but multi-part poseable models are worth it every time.

Anyway, those familiar with the stock Human models will notice the big wing helm crests I gave them. In the first Blood Bowl PC game – maybe the 2nd too, but I haven’t played enough lately, the Blitzers get more elaborate armor as they level up. In the game it’s the wings on the side of the helmet that get bigger, but it was of course easier to do a winged crest instead. I like how it came out, and these guys really needed to stand apart from the Linemen whose models are only subtly different.

I’m happy with how the painting came out on these guys. Well, they’re painted the same as the rest of the team, so I should say I’m happy with the painting for the team I guess :)

Currently I’m working on one more Catcher to finalize my team. Once I have that Catcher done, in the next few days I imagine, I’ll go about getting some proper team shots to showcase it all together finally.

Update: The entire team is completed if you’d like to see the finished Human team.

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They extra time was worth it, those ended up looking very well. Bravo.

The wing crests are a good way of making them stand out as well.

Is four blitzers not a lot?


Nope. Humans need all of the Blitzers they can field.


Those are some damn sexy paint jobs Mr. Thor. I love the grass stains.