Blood Bowl Tokens

Painting Showcase: Human Team Blood Bowl Tokens

I had finished these weeks ago but I completely forgot about them. I sealed them and forgot all about it. So, I went ahead and got some shots to show for the sake of completeness.

These are the Blood Bowl tokens and balls. The tokens are used for turn counters, re-rolls, and game score. There’s two types of balls. The one on the finished base is for when the ball is loose. The other one sticks into the base of the player who possesses it. That’s why the base on that one isn’t done, it was a placeholder while I worked on the ball itself.

Blood Bowl Tokens Gallery

Nothing fancy. I was a worn out after finishing the team itself, so I just stuck to pure golds onĀ the tokens for simpleness. I wasn’t up for more blending at that point. Still, I think they look good enough for game markers.

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Painting Showcase: Human Team Blood Bowl Tokens
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